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Vaccine Information
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So...do you vaccinate? 
30th-Apr-2007 10:20 pm
So, are you vaccinated?
Are your kids vaccinated?
If you or your kids are vaccinated--are you/they on schedule, delayed, selectively vaccinated?
Tell me your interest in vaccines!
1st-May-2007 04:27 am (UTC)
I am vaccinated with whatever they shot us up with back in 1969. I don't have that telltale smallpox arm scar, but I am not sure if that's because I have good skin or because they didn't do it any more by then.

Most recently, I chose to get a Hep B vaccination because I am a student midwife and work around a lot of body fluids. It was a difficult decision.

My older kids were vaxxed on schedule because I did not know any better. Now that they are teenagers whose schools run vax clinics in certain years, I discuss each vaccine with them, show them the CDC info, explain as much as I know, and let them choose. They have declined Hep B (what would the younguns need that for?) but have received a DTaP booster, for example.

My youngest kids are selectively vaxxed. No Hep B, no varicella, no Men C (I might do that one if they were in a daycare centre, perhaps). No to MMR at this time. Yes to pneumococcal, yes to DTaP, yes to Hib, but not on schedule at all. We do one vaccine at a time, starting at around 1 year.

I have done a ton of research to support my choices and feel comfortable with them, yet I get ribbed/harassed/subtly patronized at almost every visit to our public health clinic. I am SO tired of that aspect of being a thoughtful, selectively vaxxing parent. So.tired.
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