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Vaccine Information
...educate yourself.
So...do you vaccinate? 
30th-Apr-2007 10:20 pm
So, are you vaccinated?
Are your kids vaccinated?
If you or your kids are vaccinated--are you/they on schedule, delayed, selectively vaccinated?
Tell me your interest in vaccines!
1st-May-2007 04:40 pm (UTC)
I am vaccinated up until 1998 (against my wishes though, but the college deleted my records and informed i had absolutely no choice which I now know is never true). My daughter has no vaccines. I got interested in it back in 92 or 93 when ironically I was trying to prove vaccine safety to a bunch of crunchy friends. Heh. Now I'm the crunchy friend. When I became pregnant with my daughter in '01 I had just begun a bridge program towards a graduate degree in pulbic health (I would have been getting a BS concurrently as I needed just two more requirements filled) and I had intended on specialising on "evidence based vaccination policy". I still intend to finish that someday, as soon as I get my student loans paid off (another year).
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